Ad Hoc Flash Fiction update

Hi there,

Inspired by Ceri on her blog:, I entered last week’s Ad Hoc Flash Fiction competition with the prompt word ‘bark’ and was pleasantly surprised to see that my piece is among the ~50 pieces up for the vote this week! So thank you for suggesting it, and I’d encourage everyone else to have a go too.

This week’s prompt word is ‘note‘ so I’ll try and come up with something again.  I’ve found it really useful having a prompt word and a short deadline to focus the mind, but with only a 150 word limit I thought surely I’d be able to come up with something in the time-frame? Why not give it a try, if you don’t think your piece works for the competition you can always use it as a starting point for something longer.  Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Ad Hoc Flash Fiction update

  1. Hmmm… so, so far all 3 of us have been successful in getting our pieces accepted, that seems pretty good going, either we are all excellent writers or maybe they don’t get vast numbers of entrants?!! I hope it is the former.


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