As Luck Would Have It

Dear all,

I am pleased and excited to let you know that a story of mine has been published today on Short Fiction Break. I wrote this for their March theme of ‘luck’. Would love any feedback as always.

As Luck Would Have It



7 thoughts on “As Luck Would Have It

  1. Hi Rebecca – congrats! Great news that you got this piece published πŸ™‚ Should have time to give it a read over the weekend and give you some feedback. Really happy for you – always a nice boost when a piece ends up on a site πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks Nik! Yes as its only the second story I have sent anywhere (not counting the ad hoc flash fiction comp which I regularly enter and never get anywhere with..) I was quite pleased to have it accepted! Hope you are not still stuck in your rut and running training going ok too.

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    1. Am working on the rut slowly and the running is going fine thanks πŸ™‚ gentle leg stretcher tomorrow and then rest until next weekend and the big event!


  3. This was really good Rebecca. My pet hate in stories is reading something where it feels like the author didn’t put some love into it – sloppy editing, mistakes all over the place – and it never feels like that with your work. I like the fact that you’ve taken an everyday story but made us care about the characters. The interactions felt natural as did the hopes and fears. What really made it for me however was the ending – both upbeat and sad in the same breath and a really solid, realistic conclusion. It would have been very easy to do the “happily ever after” ending but I think this story is elevated because of the path you chose.

    Easy to see why it was picked and this should be a great confidence boost for you going forward.

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  4. Thanks Nik, I’m glad you think it works. They didn’t give me much chance to send in anything sloppy; I went through it with a fine tooth comb and they still picked me up on a couple of typos! Thanks for always taking the time to give detailed feedback too; it really is valuable- feel like you are my mentor sometimes!

    Not sure how helpful it would be to you, but if you ever want me to look through something of yours before submitting it somewhere, I would be more than happy to. πŸ™‚

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    1. This whole writing thing can be a lonely place – so I’m very happy to give feedback where I can. And if it helps, so much the better! I admire anyone who puts their work out there and says “please give feedback!” – many people shy away from it.

      Thank you for the offer – I might just take you up on that! The more perspectives I can get the better – much appreciated πŸ™‚

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