Night Caller

The moon hung as if suspended in the cloudless sky. A dog howled somewhere, and an owl shrieked in admonition, cutting through the crisp night air. The road I walked along was dark and deserted. This must be why she likes it here, I thought.

As I rounded the bend, I arrived at the driveway and her house came into view. A soft glow emanated from an upstairs window, but otherwise the house was at rest. I crept along the driveway edges so as not to disturb her sleep, then slipped through the side gate to the garden.

I found the rock I was looking for and wrapped it in my scarf.


Another non-winning Ad Hoc Flash Fiction entry from last week. (The prompt word was ‘crisp’). I know, I know, clearly I should have given up on this long ago, but for some reason I can’t help myself!


8 thoughts on “Night Caller

  1. What a great last line! Completely makes the story and takes it in an unexpected direction. I think this might well be the best of the adhoc fiction pieces of yours I’ve read. There’s no harm in entering every week – trying to write such a short piece is a great exercise and it definitely sharpens up your writing.

    Great job – I liked this a lot 🙂

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      1. Further proof (as if we needed it) that as writers we have absolutely no idea what people will enjoy and what they won’t! Clearly a scarf, a rock and some tension keeps me happy haha! I hope I don’t see your latest adhoc entry on your blog next week 🙂


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