A Date to Remember

Here is another installment in the life of the hapless Candice. Previously I wrote A Trip to the Zoo for those who may wish to remind themselves of her dating history. Enjoy!

Another day, another date; but Candice had high hopes for this one. Blind dates could be risky, but she trusted her best friend Zoe’s instinct that she had ‘tons in common’ with Toby, her newly single work colleague. Coffee in a quiet café just outside the city centre had seemed a safe choice- what could possibly go wrong? Dating disasters had become rather an unfortunate pattern for Candice. Ever the optimist however, she remained firm in her belief that ‘Mr Right’ was out there somewhere, it was just a question of locating him.

Finding she was the first to arrive, Candice ordered a skinny chai latte and took a seat at the back of the room where she had a good view of the door. Groups of students lounged about on the leather sofas around empty coffee cups, and a solitary bearded man tapped on a laptop at the next table. He seemed totally absorbed in his work and oblivious to Candice; his too-small jumper was riding up, revealing a large expanse of hairy back. Impossible that he could be Toby, Candice decided with relief; she had been assured that Toby was tall and quite good looking.

Just then, the door opened and a tall, muscular, Scandinavian type walked in and looked around. Kitted out as he was in some kind of work overall and high-vis jacket, Candice didn’t get her hopes up that he was her date; although she did like a man in uniform it was true.

Looking at her watch, Candice noted with dismay that her date was now over twenty minutes late. Muttering curses under her breath she checked for phone messages and resolved to give him ten more minutes of her time.

Nothing arrived on the message front. Obviously, punctuality wasn’t his strong point, but he’d have to have a pretty good excuse for this she thought, frowning. Pausing to check her phone one last time, Candice drained the last of her latte and stood up to leave. Quite why she had agreed to this she did not know; maybe online dating wasn’t so bad after all. Retail therapy would lift her mood she decided as she strode purposefully to the door. She pushed it gently with her shoulder, and when it didn’t move, kicked it sharply in frustration, straight into the face of the handsome stranger on the other side.


“Unfortunately, yes. Very sorry I’m so late, terrible traffic,” he said dabbing at his bloodied nose.

“Well, let me get you some ice, a tissue, I’m so sorry, sit down!”

“X-ray might be more in order,” he smiled. “You must be the Candice I’ve heard so much about,” he said giving her wink.

Zoe had been right; he is charming, Candice thought as she nodded and took his hand.


As before, I have followed the 26 sentence A-Z structure; hope it doesn’t come across as too contrived. Let me know what you think. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com




  1. Nicely done – and no, I didn’t find it contrived. In fact had I not known it was an A-Z challenge I’m not sure I would have immediately guessed! I hope Candice gets another outing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love this! It’s even better than the first one and like Nik if I hadn’t known it was another A-Z story I would not have thought anything of it. Every line is natural and flowing. What a great idea to write a sequel – please continue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sian, I wasn’t sure if I liked it as much as the first one so nice to know you think it’s ok. Not sure I could do a third one though; she may have found her Mr Right now! Might come back to it at some point as they are fun to do.


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