I wonder if perhaps I failed to capture the essence of the prompt word (which was calm) with this entry to last week’s Ad Hoc Fiction competition, but I just couldn’t help myself. Well I enjoyed writing it anyway, even if the feeling wasn’t shared by the voting public!

Meal Deal Steal

Eric closed his eyes and took three deep breaths, determined to put into practice what he had learned on the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ interactive workshop that his manager had suggested he attend.

He allowed his mind to focus upon the feeling of the air as it filled, then emptied his lungs, the smooth texture of the kitchenette counter-top under his palms, the faint smells of coffee and bleach that hung in the air and the distant sounds of idle chatter from the office beyond. Mentally, he placed his feelings of anger upon leaves, that floated away from him on a bubbling stream in a mountain landscape and were replaced by a sense of calm.

It was no good. He stormed from the kitchen, letting the door slam shut behind him. Someone had eaten his prawn sandwich and he wasn’t about to let it go. There would be hell to pay.

© Rebecca Field




9 thoughts on “Calm

    1. Thanks Sian! It reminds me a bit of a story you wrote a while back about Laura with the mindfulness CD? Having been on one of these courses I had to use something of it as inspiration here. I still really like the idea of the Mrs. Bridge stories and the whole ‘novel in flash’ concept…


  1. This is excellent! Perfectly captures the nature of office related rage – “the faint smells of coffee and bleach” is a great line and immediately transports me to the scene. Their loss, our gain 🙂


  2. Haha! I love this! I think it’s an excellent interpretation of the prompt because I think we all can relate to the experience of trying to find calm but proving unsuccessful. Plus the ending made me chuckle. 🙂


  3. I don’t do the Ad Hoc thing but this gets my vote. I did a short little piece on mindfulness a few months ago but it was so not great even I can’t recall it…..!! This is much better……

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