How Not to End a Relationship

Further A-Z adventures of Candice, the serial dater.

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After two years of life with Toby, Candice had had enough. But how could she break it off with him? Candice was sure he would be distraught- inconsolable perhaps. Dumping him was going to be difficult, but that would be the easy part. Extricating him from her flat would be the tougher challenge. ‘Flash Toby’ as he had come to be nicknamed by her friends, had well and truly got his feet under the table.

Granted, in the beginning his generosity and taste for the finer things in life had been attractive and exciting. Hotel weekends in stunning locations, meals in the best restaurants, lavish gifts and a taste for fast cars. It wasn’t long before he had moved in, and Candice dared to hope he could be ‘the one’ she had been looking for all this time. Just thinking back to those hedonistic early days of the relationship however, Candice cringed at how easily she had got swept up with it all, ignoring all the warning signs and her own better judgement.

Keeping their finances separate would clearly have been the more sensible choice, but Toby had insisted they open a joint bank account as a step towards their future together. Love had blinded Candice to Toby’s inability to live within their means at first, but spending £800 of their money on a robotic hoover had been a tipping point from which she could see no return. Men like Toby would never change. No, she was certain that today must be the day to tell him the party was finally over.

Once the decision she had been agonising over all day was made, Candice mixed herself an extra large gin and tonic and settled herself on the sofa to await his return from work. Perhaps he would cry and promise to change she thought with a twinge of sadness, wondering what was taking him so long.

Quickly downing her drink, Candice stood up as she heard a car pull up outside. Releasing a breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding as he opened the door, she steeled herself for ‘the talk’. Sooner rather than later would be best all round.

“Toby, there’s something we need to talk about,” she began as he took off his coat.

“Unless it’s how you plan to thank me for the gift I’ve got for us, it can wait,” he said grinning like a child with a new toy.

“Very thoughtful as ever I’m sure. What is it?”

“X6, convertible, the latest BMW,” he said dangling a set of keys in front of her nose.

“Yeah, I guess it can wait, let’s go for a spin!”

Zooming along with the wind in her hair, Candice decided there would be plenty of time to talk, another day.

Header image courtesy of And I am aware the picture is probably not a BMW X6, but I liked the cute dog 🙂


  1. Super stuff – I’ve liked all of your A-Z outings but this one felt the most natural and had I not known that it was an alphabet challenge probably wouldn’t have picked it. The X6 line is without doubt the cleverest (and most seamless) use of that tricky letter I’ve read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Nik, glad you thought it worked, it was tricky to write! The X is definitely the hardest part and I considered a number of options before the final version. I may have exhausted the A-z challenge potential with Candice now..😊


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