About me

Dear Reader,

Where to start? Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and thank you even more if you have the time to read any of my work and leave some feedback. It is so valuable and I really appreciate it.

To satisfy those who would like to know more about my non-writing life, I live in Derbyshire with my husband and two young children. I work part time in  a healthcare related job which is pretty demanding. Finding the time to write can therefore sometimes be challenging, but I find that writing helps me to clear my mind of the worries that can otherwise sometimes try to take over. I’m really enjoying discovering the blogs and work of lots of fellow writers around the world who are doing their best to keep on going and enjoying what they do just like me.


  1. Just tuning in to your writing and blog from Florida USA. Read your story today on FlashFictionMagazine.com and was intrigued enough to visit your blog. I really like your nice clean, uncluttered blog format and your use of the photos to preface your writing. I look forward to reading some more of your work in the days to come. You are in my computer’s bookmarks now. Benita Wiggins

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    • Thank you, hope you find some things you like on here. It could probably use a clearout- there’s some old stuff on here that I’m not too sure about now.
      Although I have no plans to attempt a novel in the near future, mainly due to the time commitment involved, there is much on your site I can apply to my writing so I’ll enjoy checking it out in more detail soon. I have no real tricks I can share, just try to watch less TV and write when you can!


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog xx I’ve got a child too and really find it tough fitting in writing time around work and life. I can’t imagine how much harder it must be with two kids!


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