Recent publications:



    Javelin Girl – 2023 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

    Slugs in the Kitchen – 2023 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 

    Parallel Blouse – Milk Candy Review

Time After Time – Tiny Molecules issue 15 Spring 2023

At Lightwood Junction – Sunlight Press 1st March 2023



The Celebrity Chef’s Wife – Gone Lawn Magazine issue 47 Winter 2022

Plumbing and the Art of Marriage Maintenance – Longlisted Reflex Quarterly Flash competition Autumn 2022

Not One of Us – Ellipsis Zine October 14th 2022

How to Prepare your Rabbit – Ellipsis Zine July 25th 2022

Things the Adverts Said and Some Things They Didn’t – Included in 2022 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology: ‘And We Lived Happily Ever After’ available here

Ten Ways the Animals Will Save Us – Flash Fiction anthology published by Retreat West, includes my Story ‘Ten Bellies’

The Curse of the Coelacanth – short story in Fudoki Magazine


Cold Heart – Ellipsis Zine November 17th 2021

Hunting in Bigfoot Country – Ghost Parachute September 2021

Faulty – Flash Flood 2021 National Flash Fiction Day

Early Retirement -Punk Noir magazine May 2021

Beguiled by a Wild Thing– Reflex Press 2020 anthology- includes my longlisted stories ‘You Think You Don’t Like Capers’ and ‘How Not to Fall Out of a Moving Vehicle.’ 

‘The White Rabbit’ – Part of the 2021 National Flash Fiction Day anthology- Legerdemain Available here

The Sporulation of Lucinda Graham -Hencroft Hub issue 1

You Think You Don’t Like Capers -Longlisted Reflex Fiction Quarterly competition Winter 2020

Horse People -Ellipsis Zine online February 2021

Heart of Glass -The Daily Drunk Magazine January 2021


Traces of You– Phare Magazine November 2020

Recipe For A First Marriage  -Cabinet of Heed Issue 40, November 2020

In Which Tom and Hannah Vow Never to Get Old – The Daily Drunk Magazine 14th October 2020

How Not to Fall Out of a Moving Vehicle – Longlisted Reflex Fiction Summer 2020 competition

All The Birds Have a Death Wish Today – Part of the 2020 National Flash Fiction Day anthology ‘Root, Branch, Tree’, available here

The Pointlessness of Pomegranates – Ellipsis Zine May 29th 2020

Objects of Desire – Spelk Fiction 22nd May 2020

Things I Did During the Pandemic – Pendemic online journal for pandemic-inspired writing

Institutionalised – Cabinet of Heed issue 28


Modern Marriage – Ellipsis Zine Six: 2119

The Marking of Swans – Ellipsis Zine online- September 20th 2019

Making Babies – Flash Flood for National Flash Fiction Day 2019

Behind Closed Doors – A flash fiction published in the 2019 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology ‘And We Pass Through’, available here

Takotsubo – Cabinet of Heed issue 20

Things We Learned While Mum Slept – Reflex Fiction (just missed longlist in quarterly competition)

What the Magpies Are Saying – Ellipsis Zine online March 20th, 2019

The Ocean Beyond – Visual Verse volume 6 chapter 5


Pica – Riggwelter Press

Blueberry Lake – Spelk Fiction

Things My Mother Left Me With – Cabinet of Heed issue 13

The Axolotl – Ellipsis Zine online September 2018

The Fox – Published in Issue 9 of Dog Ear Magazine. Available to buy as a bookmark magazine

Eggs is Eggs – Published at Flash Flood for National Flash Fiction Day 2018

Things I Never Saw Again After You Dumped Me by Text Message – Available here as part of the National Flash Fiction Day 2018 Anthology ‘Ripening’

The Pickle Jar – Cabinet of Heed issue 9

What Tom Found in the Loft – Visual Verse volume 5 chapter 9

The Trial – Visual Verse volume 5 chapter 4

Hiding Out – Spelk Fiction May 2018

Death Lined Up – 365 Tomorrows


A New Hat – Spelk Fiction Dec 2017

The Worry Dolls – Literally Stories

Missing Person – Flash Fiction Magazine


Workplace Harmony – Literally Stories

Empty Promise – Flash Flood for National Flash Fiction Day 2016

The Garden – 101words

As Luck Would Have It – Short Fiction Break (March 2016)